KAICIID Global Transformative Dialogue Imperative

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KAICIID's Transformative Dialogue Imperative encourages a call to action, urging the enhancement of global dialogue through policies and practices. It is an acknowledgment of the interconnectedness of our world and the ethical urgency to act upon it, aiming to evolve dialogue into lasting processes that can transform attitudes, behaviours and relationships for sustainable peace.

This approach integrates interreligious and intercultural dialogue, recognising the interplay between religious and cultural identities while appreciating their differences.

By engaging individuals and communities at all levels in dialogue, KAICIID seeks to build trust, solidarity and cooperation across diverse beliefs and cultures.

This Imperative is about fostering inclusivity and respect for pluralism, forming alliances that celebrate differences and shared values and is the main result of the KAICIID Global Dialogue Forum, paving the way forward.

The Global Transformative Dialogue Imperative:

A call to foster and deepen dialogue in times of crises

In today's rapidly changing and polarized world, escalating conflicts, divisions, and inequalities underscore the urgent need for dialogue. The rise of exclusionary ideologies often based on kinship, ethnicity, religion, or nation, are dangerously fueling polarisation, intolerance and violence. As a pivotal moment, the KAICIID Global Forum reiterates the critical contribution that religious and spiritual traditions can provide in addressing the interconnected factors that drive the global crises of today, and in particular:

  • recognizes the need to renew dialogue efforts in times of hostility and violent conflicts, underlining the role of religious and faith actors and institutions in preventing and de-escalating tensions while serving as sources of healing and reconciliation, offering a sense of hope to the wounded opponents;  
  • expresses the need to catalyse secular and religious partnerships to preserve and uphold social cohesion particularly in cities and urban areas where worrying trends in exclusion are fueled by hatred and harmful stereotypes, jeopardizing the well-being, safety and dignity of marginalised and at-risk groups, especially women, children, migrants and refugees;
  • acknowledges the deeply-rooted relation between humanity and the environment and re-states the need to boost joint efforts of religious and secular leaders and actors towards protecting natural resources and addressing climate change challenges grounded on the sense of the sacred of our common planet.

In a globalized world where futures are interlocked, in its endeavour to promote a global peaceful community grounded on human dignity, the KAICIID Global Forum wishes to offer the Global Transformative Dialogue Imperative as a catalyst of broad-based partnerships and action-oriented engagement of multiple leading stakeholders calling for:

  • pooling the proximity and critical understanding of their communities of religious, faith and spiritual leaders and actors;
  • building the capacities of a wide range of stakeholders in resorting to interreligious and intercultural dialogue methods and approaches to harness the transformative potential of such tool with the intention to bring about long-lasting shifts in relations and institutional settings;
  • providing sustained and dynamic dialogue platforms with the aim to gather regular rounds of exchanges among minority and majority groups to explore common solutions to emerging challenges.

By fostering inclusive alliances through dialogue, the Imperative strives to build a more harmonious and interconnected global community, rooted around shared values and mutual respect.